Music is what ultimately transports emotions in movies. Composers and orchestrators make the difference with an essential contribution and live-creating extension to the pure picture. Large symphony orchestra recording sessions with spectacular surround effects and ambience augmented by contemporary electronic soundscapes keep your soundtrack at the pulse of time.

PDVs team of composers, orchestrators, music editors, pro tools operators and sound engineers have been working on movies like "The Last days of American Crime", "Judy", "Skylines", "Raised by Wolves", "Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation, "The Promise, "96 Hours - Taken 2", "In the land of blood and honey" or "The Grand Master".


The Promise
Score Producer for Gabriel Yared
Film by Terry George feat. Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale


Score Production

Terry George: "The Promise"
Rupert Everett: "The Happy Prince"

Music Editing:

Ridley Scott: "Raised by Wolves" for Composer Ben Frost (with Lewis Morison)

Garth Davis: "Mary Magdalene" for Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir/Jóhann Jóhannson

Angelina Jolie: "By the Sea""In the Land of Blood and Honey"

Olivier Megaton: "96 Hours - Taken 2", "Taken 3"

"The Transporter TV Series 1&2""Les Aventuriers de l Art Moderne - TV Series""The Beauty and the beast" by Christoph Gans, "Nos Futurs" by Pierre RochefortWong Kar Wai „The Grandmaster“,  Ariel Zeitoun – “Angélique”, Emmanuel Mouret - "Une autre vie"Glenio Bonder „Belle du Seigneur”

Music Composition: Catch the Moment by Rachid HamiPisces by Cody FernStung by Benni DiezMathieu Cesar & Jeremie Petit – “Behind the Scenes at CR Couture", Benjamin Chimnoy – “Gabriel”, Rémy Four & Julien War – “Sauf ma mère”, The Island - Salto Brothers"Nos Futurs" by Pierre Rochefort (additional Music)Transporter TV Series 1&2Taxi Brooklyn South

Additional Music Composition
Rupert Everett: "The Happy Prince", Score by Gabriel Yared
Joan Chemla: "Si tu voyais son coeur", Score by Gabriel Yared
Xavier Dolan: "The Death and Life of J.F. Donovan", Score by Gabriel Yared

Music Recording/ Mix:
The Happy Prince by Rupert Everett - Music by Gabriel Yared
Tso-chi Chang “When Love Comes“, René Féret – „Nannerl, la sœur de Mozart”, Angelique - Music by Nathaniel Mechaly
Documentary: “Who Are The Roma?” - Music by Hans Zimmer"Les Aventuriers de l Art Moderne - TV Series"
"Dilili à Paris" Michel Ocelot, Score by Gabriel Yared

Additional Orchestrations: Catherine Corsini – „Trois mondes“

Motion Picture Mix: Aleksey Igudesman “Noseland” (starring John Malkovich, Sir Roger Moore, Julian Rachlin)

Additional Midi Programming: Alien Covenant, Music by Jed Kurzel