Studer Vista 5 with 256 I/O (3x MADI I/O, 1x Dante I/O (64ch), 64x Mic Input, 32x Line Output, 32x AES/EBU I/O) and VST Plugin Engine, Auto Touch Plus Dynamic Automation

Control Room Speakers

ME Geithain RL903K 5.1 System, ME Geithain RL906, Yamaha NS10 Nearfields


Protools HD 10/11/12, Sequoia 12/13, Logic


SCHOEPS:   miscellaneous collete microphones incl. stands and windscreens

Chandler: REDD Microphones

DPA: 4006 Millennium Edition, 4099 (for various instruments)

Sennheiser: MKH800, MKH20, MKH40, MKH50, MKH60, MD421

Neumann: TLM170, TLM103, KM184

AKG: C414 (XLS, ULS, XLII), Various Instrument Microphones
Electrovoice RE20, Shure SM57, SM58, Audix i5, Various Audio Technica


Studer VST Plugin Engine, Lexicon 480L, SPL Transient Designer, Klang:Fabrik, Amadeus Active Acoustics Core

PDV is a Music Production and Audio/Video Services Company situated in Vienna and Paris.

Specialized in Music for Motion Picture, Media&TV, Internet Live Streaming and On Location A/V Services we can handle all demands in a modern production environment.

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