Music is what ultimately transports emotions in movies. Composers and orchestrators make the difference with an essential contribution and live-creating extension to the pure picture. Large symphony orchestra recording sessions with spectacular surround effects and ambience augmented by contemporary electronic soundscapes keep your soundtrack at the pulse of time.

PDVs team of composers, orchestrators, music editors, pro tools operators and sound engineers have been working on movies like "Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation, "96 Hours - Taken 2", "In the land of blood and honey" or "The Grand Master".


Cartier - Shape your time

Arrangement and Remix with Pierre Adenot and Antonio Gambale on a original theme by Pierre Adenot.

Music Composition with Antonio Gambale

Feature Film by Benni Diez
starring Matt O´Leary, Jessica Cook with Clifton Collins jr. & Lance Henriksen

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